Premcore ® Plus

Evolving Our PREMCORE® Innovation Story.

How do you take our classic PREMCORE® and make it better? You change it to its core. Introducing our new PREMCORE®Plus from Canusa, featuring the same great PREMCORE® Birch and Maple veneers, but the Plus is better strength at a new lighter weight.

Superlite MDF

Light, Strong and Smooth.

GoldenEdge Superlite MDF is one third lighter than traditional MDF but maintains excellent strength, stability and surface smoothness.

Baltic Birch

Quality Performer for any Application.

Baltic Birch plywood is one of the most versatile hardwood plywood options available. With a nearly void free core, 100% Birch inner-plies and more plies than traditional domestic plywood, Baltic Birch panels are extremely stable, strong and perform exceptionally well in a wide range of applications.

Sande Plywood

Superior Core and Sustainably Sourced.

Sande is an ideal panel for lamination due to its superior core construction. Often used in the marine industry for discerning boat builders, Sande outperforms the competition with tight thickness tolerances and very minimal core voids or overlaps.

Premcore ®

PREMCORE® Sets the Standard in Quality Import.

This premium plywood is crafted with the highest-grade core materials sourced from our exclusive international mills. Our experienced graders oversee the quality panel production that the PREMCORE® brand has become famous for.


A Reliable Performer for a Variety of Uses.

Our MDF is sourced from the highest quality mills world-wide. Made to route, cut, drill and shape MDF has a large variety of uses.

Birch Plywood

A Reliable Performer that Balances Quality with Price.

Our Birch plywood is crafted with high quality core materials sourced from Canusa certified mills. Birch is a reliable choice that is stable, strong and sure to perform in a wide range of applications, while remaining cost efficient.


A New Level of Premium Import Quality.

KINGCORE™ represents a true alternative to domestic birch and maple plywood with an unexpected new standard of quality and performance.

Meranti Plywood

Quality Produced, Cost Efficient and Versatile.

Our Meranti is sourced from the highest quality hardwood plywood mills in Indonesia and Malaysia. Meranti panels are a cost-efficient option that can be used in a variety of applications.

Bending Plywood

Work Around Some of Your Most Challenging Interior Designs.

Our bending plywood is architecturally designed for millwork, furniture and lamination.

Fancy Plywood

Endless Veneer Options to Work with.

Our thin fancy line includes hardwood veneers to meet any style and customer’s requirements. A wide variety of face and back species are available including custom lay-up options to meet architectural specifications.

Marine Grade Plywood

When Design Meets Moisture.

A hardwood plywood manufactured with an exterior glue line that is produced to Lloyd’s of London British Standards. These qualities are what make this marine grade plywood a popular choice for any application where moisture is a concern.

Authorized SVEZA Dealer

Authorized SVEZA Dealer