Our Story

Our quest for quality has deep roots, going back over 40 years. There are many reasons why we've grown to become one of North America’s leading quality importers of hardwood plywood, MDF and specialty panels. We’ve worked tirelessly to build the strongest mill supplier relationships in the world, and we remain involved in managing every step of the plywood importing supply chain. Many of our relationships with mills and their ownership have spanned multiple generations. In fact, we regularly visit our mills throughout the globe to oversee production and inspect their operations.

We take great pride in managing all facets of the product pipeline ensuring we do ‘the right thing’ for our customers every step of the way. Our sales people are also our buyers. We don’t guess at what the market might buy and then try to convince our customers to buy stock inventory. Instead, because our sales territory managers operate as both buyer and seller — without department walls — there are no competing agendas, nothing is lost in translation, and we remain entirely focused on our customers' actual needs.

Our approach helps us build the perfect stocking program, whilst enforcing and ensuring our strict quality control at every stage of production. Our sourcing allows us to maximize the cost-effective production capabilities of mills overseas, so that we can respond immediately to the dynamic needs of North American customers.

Our singular goal has always been a simple one: to take the hassle out of plywood importing for our customers. Achieving this goal requires us to operate efficiently and seamlessly, optimizing communication through all facets of our global process. As an importer with a truly global sourcing & logistics network, working with us offers tangible advantages. Our industry experience, customer-centric operational structure, longstanding relationships and end-to-end quality control enables us to:

  • get the exact products our customers want on a sustainable basis

  • take care of all logistics & legal requirements

  • innovate product solutions at the mill level

  • provide customized, quality programs

  • take advantage of direct contact with mills and shippers

  • better control shipment locations and delivery times

  • report product status to our customers at every stage of the  process

  • access the complex world of international mill production and render it a hassle-free and efficient supply chain