Evolving Our PREMCORE® Innovation Story.

How do you take our classic PREMCORE® and make it better? You change it to its core. Introducing our new PREMCORE®Plus from Canusa, featuring the same great PREMCORE® Birch and Maple veneers, but the Plus is better strength at a new lighter weight. After several generations of refinement, we are in full production at our exclusive mill in Indonesia to deliver superior Premcore® quality at competitive prices.

Raw Maple 19mm

Raw Maple 19mm

UV Maple 19mm

UV Maple 19mm

Raw Birch 19mm

Raw Birch 19mm

UV Birch 19mm

UV Birch 19mm



  • Birch

  • Maple


  • Available in B,C and paint grades


  • EPA TSCA Title VI / CARB 2


  • Cabinetry

  • Lamination

  • Millwork

  • Furniture Components


  • Calibrated 2 step combination veneer core with alternating hardwood inner plies 

  • Machine dried inner plies to enhance stability

  • Lighter weight than our regular Premcore®

  • Tight thickness tolerance with minimum +/- .3mm

  • Minimal core voids and overlaps

  • Inspected by Canusa graders

  • Supply chain of all wood species inspected and guaranteed to meet legal standards

  • MDF X Band available

  • Better strength and stiffness at lower weight


  • Prefinished and unfinished options

  • Whole piece face and spliced

Thicknesses Ply Weights
5.2mm* 5 ply 20 lbs
6mm 7 ply 24 lbs
9mm 7 ply 27 lbs
12mm 7 34 lbs
15mm 9 ply 41 lbs
18mm 9 ply 49 lbs
19mm 11 ply 52 lbs
25mm 13 ply 68 lbs


  • 48.5" x 96.5", (*5.2mm is 48” x 96”)

**Weights are approximate