Our Team


Jeevan Manhas, President

As an innovator who believes in doing things ‘the right way’, I travel the globe sourcing the best mills and collaborating to meet the evolving needs of US and Canadian buyers. Our efforts here have raised the quality bar on Canusa-branded products such as our flagship Premcore® and Premcore®Plus. Along with the day-to -day operations of running the company, my other focus for Canusa is to continue to service and grow our U.S. sales regions. I am very involved in selling product into the Western U.S. and purchasing products for various regional warehouses. I am proud of our team and the values we bring to sourcing and selling our quality products.


Steve Bouwman, Vice President

My experience in the industry is just under 25 years and it seems to be changing faster than ever. Working with Canusa’s leadership group, we are constantly looking to improve our product offering and our just-in-time service across North America. Our ability to have close relationships with the best mills in the world ensures that we consistently supply the right products at the right quality.

Change now seems to be a constant in our industry and I look forward to finding the very best solutions available for our customers.


Ross McLaren, Vice President

I believe our success is tied to some of the strongest mill supplier relationships in the world. I love leading a group of salespeople who are also global buyers - applying Canusa quality-control and our overseas mill production capability to immediately respond to customer needs. The energy and excitement of occupying this unique space in the middle of the supply chain is very rewarding to me. My own regional mandate is to satisfy customer needs in the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

As a team, our ability to be so involved with the mills and the customers has certainly set us up for success. The future certainly looks very bright for Canusa


Doug Rogers

I have seen a complete evolution of the Import Plywood business around the world over my 20+ year tenure at Canusa. My time is spent on a balance between managing sales programs, various management functions and providing the wisdom of the ages if asked. It is exciting to watch this company grow as newer employees combine their own strong work ethic with the long-time Canusa culture of care and respect for our customers and suppliers. 

We are very well positioned to be a valuable link between our suppliers and customers well into the future.


Mike Barr, Director of Operations & Logistics

I bring over 20 years of industry-specific experience and am thrilled to be a member of the Canusa team. My mandate is to create a comprehensive logistics function that is ultimately more transparent, informative and responsive, supporting the expectations and growth of our customers’ businesses. 

Over the coming years, we will improve existing supply chain operations, implementing a new strategy to include best practices and new technologies. Canusa will continue to improve our network of warehouses across North America to support better access to information and responsiveness to our customers. These are exciting times at Canusa. 


Andrea Green, US Sales

I have been in the wood products industry since graduating from college. You could say I have been custom-trained into our customer service group for most of my career. I am deeply engaged in Northern California and Pacific Northwest sales and I am currently working to develop industry-leading inventory management and purchasing process tools.

The thing I love about Canusa is our nimbleness and our ability to give our customers what they want, when they need it. I feel this responsiveness will keep Canusa ahead of the pack.


Ryan Hartley, US Sales

I have been in the wood supply industry for 25+ years at many different levels of distribution. I believe the level of customer service, knowledge, and problem-solving I bring each day exemplifies the value Canusa provides in the customer supply chain experience. We are proud of the passion the entire Canusa team has for satisfying our customers short and long term needs. We are a responsive group that never needs to “check with head office”, because we make the decisions directly with our customers. We source quality products ‘the right way’ and I bring this approach to my regional focus for Canusa in Southern California.


Jason Kent, Canadian Sales

I have worked in the industry for over 16 years and thoroughly enjoy all aspects of it. My focus at Canusa is to maintain and expand our sales in Eastern Canada as well as manage inventory for that region. Every customer is different and finding the products that will work best from around the world requires knowledge on the mill and customer sides. That is the interesting part of the job and the unique value that will propel Canusa to success in the coming years.


Ed Wood, US Sales

As the newest member of the Canusa sales team my main focus is to maintain sales and manage the inventory in the Pacific North West. I have worked in the wood industry for 14 years and with a last name like mine how could I do anything else. I am proud to be part of such a great team and look forward to building new relationships with our customers.


Matthew Pickford, Sales Support

With a focus on the Canadian market, my role involves working with the territory salesmanagers on purchasing, costing and account management. 

Whether it is sourcing material, inventory control, or selling products, maintaining customer supply and satisfaction is the number one priority. 


Cam Landell, Marketing

My passion is to advance brands with insightful marketing strategy. Marketing projects at Canusa have a lot to do with supporting the service group and with the creation of informative materials for our customers.  A better marketing communications approach also means delivering our story through key customer touch points. I am excited to take our marketing to the next level and continue to build the company's well earned reputation.


Jim Bennett, Finance and Operations

While the rest of the team focuses on the buying and selling, I make sure everything adds up.  It must be my passion because I've been at it for 30 years in various industries including banking, real estate, technology and professional services. My various roles within Canusa include financial management, risk management, information technology and business operations.    


Allen Fung, Grading & Quality Control Team Director

Allen employs and manages an office staff and team of graders in Xuzhou, China. They do a superb job of coordinating our orders with the mills, the inspecting and grading of our plywood, and arranging the shipment of our completed orders.


Logistics Team

Canusa’s high service ratings are a direct result of our best in class support team. Amy, Eva, Izabela, Joan, Ma Lee, Michelle, Devon and Yulia bring over a hundred years of collective experience at Canusa handling all aspects of logistics including freight, customs documentation, warehousing and customer delivery. The team is known for outstanding customer service and ensures our product availability meets your expectations.